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Sushi Time Sushi Time

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i dont know why....

...but i like this immensely. keep using logic and NI! ive been listening for a minute and a half and im still bobbing my head. this is like bubbly mario kart music. check out my new song "iDone!"

capsule69 responds:

Awesome! I'm hoping to make it into a full song one day.

I gave your song a listen and I'm really impressed, so I gave it a 5.

On My Mind (Ringtone) On My Mind (Ringtone)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


great job in the studio, whoever mixed it. the dubs are perfect. keep it up!

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Vinstigator responds:

Thanks. The guy who mixed it for us goes by the name of Danny. We recorded this at his studio in Montebello, Calfiornia.

Don't Understand Don't Understand

Rated 5 / 5 stars


im guessing you use EVO... why didn't you dub or highlight this at all? the vocals are lacking depth and fullness. either throw some carefully placed delay, ad libs, chops, or something to fill the silence a little bit. using delay to highlight would probably be your best bet. it also sounds like the gain on the mic is a tad bit high. the level of the vocals is also VERY high, especially in a song like this where the beat carries lots of the emotion, the beat shouldnt be background noise, it should be just as audible as the vocals, no more, no less. this is most apparent with the last line in the song where you hit the high note and the vocals just overpower the beat. a little EQ would help the vocals too, drop out the low end a little and boost either 500Hz, 1kHz or 2kHz about 3dB. the reverb is good, autotune+reverb=awesome. nice beat, and your lyrics are real too. i see you have a good foundation but u need to take the time and say "ok i like what i have, but what else needs to be done before this is album-quality?" its the little subtle things in a song that are added during premix and mixdown that catch the ear and carry the message of the song that much further. good job, im genuinely impressed to see people with this kind of talent just chillin on newgrounds. keep it up!! 10/10

seatellite responds:

this is one of my first recordings lol so I was new to this, but I'm actually MUCH better at mixing now lol. But thanks, your advice is awesome, and I appreciate the love =] lol